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The new fashion show♥


A great time with my friends♥ this r the pics:

First entering the runway.. so excited ¬¬U !kyh

Then with my friend Thegrrawwr:gj

kh  Here laughing 

Talking with nicholas:gjg

Then with Thegrrawwr,Cutestblondie and I...: gj

With Cranberrylove:gj

Im a little girl xD:j

With Cranberrylove,Thegrrawwr, Littlepixxie and me!:hkh

 Ha! the cam loves me not YOU girl!... haha (joke) ;-) :lik

Well its the end....  So be good kids,eat healthy and be a PICOLOVER like me♥



Mee Scarleyrose Pico (luuli)


Comentarios The new fashion show♥

Waw you look gourgeous! and u r... The fashion runway show was amazing... Thanks 4 everythig♥
Molly Molly 25/03/2011 a las 19:09
I agree with molly thanks for all the information you give and know that you can not always write because you have to study, I also do the same. kisses
Kiki Kiki 25/03/2011 a las 19:12
Thankz i love ameba pico! you r the best!♥
Chelsea Chelsea 25/03/2011 a las 19:13

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